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19 February 2020

19:46 A2 General Discussion: RE: WinAOS not working fine
Hello Pablo,
Did you try variants of builds in Win32 / Win64 folders? This two are builds with a bit changed mecha...

06 December 2019

19:28 A2 Bug #92 (Closed): Compiler Trap (WITH guard failed)
Compiler Trap (WITH guard failed) encountered on trial to compile module Program1.Mod under 32-bit Win A2.
All modul...

02 November 2019

14:18 A2 Bug #66 (New): Instantiation of template object in client module failed
All three modules compiled, but, running of *C.Do* failed.
Message in Kernel log appears:...

01 November 2019

07:15 A2 Support #64: type of coordinate values
Where this coordinates? As I remember, the desktop's coordinates in WM was a floating point numbers

29 October 2019

20:01 A2 Bug #59 (New): Acces Violation TRAP on trial to pass math array element as parameter
What is wrong with this code?
Passing element of an dynamic math array of fixed arrays as parameter leads to AV on e...

28 October 2019

14:42 A2 Oberon Language: RE: ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report
Base template may be used in that case, for example, for implementation of base value containers. Extended template (...
14:34 A2 Oberon Language: RE: ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report
I mean the ability to have template with some base objects, then have template that acts as client module for base te...
11:12 A2 Oberon Language: RE: ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report
A module with template parameters can import another module with template parameters and pass template arguments if t...

26 October 2019

20:44 A2 Bug #55 (Closed): Trap at compilation of code with dynamic math array initialization
15:07 A2 Bug #52: Passing vector scalar product in VAR initialization is failed
Hmm, but illegal assignment in this example is...

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