Serge Durmanov

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27 April 2020

14:06 A2 Bug #101 (New): conversion error from UNSIGNED to SIGNED64 if the sign bit is set ( x86-32 )

24 April 2020

06:06 A2 Bug #100 (New): Incorrect result in the TRACE procedure when converting SIGNED16 to SET16

23 January 2020

12:43 A2 Bug #97 (New): could not import FoxArrayBase if module has a namespace

21 January 2020

10:10 A2 Bug #96 (New): RESULT designator not assignable oor basic types in the oberon code

19 November 2019

10:19 A2 Bug #86 (Closed): An enumeration element can be defined as an procedure alias.
An enumeration element can be defined as an procedure alias. Calling a procedure through an alias is impossible. If t...

14 November 2019

03:07 A2 Support #75: { UNCHECKED } modifier
In that case, unchecked blocks is exactly what I need. Thanks a lot.

08 November 2019

15:03 A2 Bug #80 (Closed): Variable{ DELEGATE } cannot be initialized using static record methods.
Maybe a bug...
14:51 A2 Bug #79 (Closed): The record methods incompatible with delegates
04:51 A2 Feature #77 (Rejected): Basic types as enum base type
Now the ENUM type can have only ENUM as the base type. As a result, we cannot specify the size of the variable in bit...
04:19 A2 Support #76 (Closed): variable initialization
Now the compiler (for x86) generates PUSH instructions to change the top of the stack and at the same time to clear t...

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