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20 August 2021

19:54 A2 General Discussion: RE: generate USB image - Infos in file /aos/AosVM/GenerateVMImages.Text
instructions for building boot images are in the Build.Tool file.
IDE and USB images are loaded normally. ISO imag...
19:46 A2 General Discussion: RE: Generating ISO from last revision and some questions...
Booting from an iso image is broken, as a new object file format and, accordingly, a new static linker are currently ...

04 April 2021

11:59 A2 Bug #108: Fox Traps over POINTER TO RECORD method signatures
Reproduced from revision #9561 --Added support for final records which cannot be extended but thus don't require a ty...

30 November 2020

10:28 A2 Bug #104 (New): Windows.Objects.Await
Probably, the "slink" parameter in the Windows.Objects.Await should be of type ADDRESS instead of SIGNED32

31 October 2020

14:45 A2 Bug #103 (New): INCL/EXCL operators dont work for SET8/SET16

20 October 2020

08:58 A2 Bug #102 (New): FoxProfiler not working
The FoxProfiler does not work since revision #8922

27 April 2020

14:06 A2 Bug #101 (New): conversion error from UNSIGNED to SIGNED64 if the sign bit is set ( x86-32 )

24 April 2020

06:06 A2 Bug #100 (New): Incorrect result in the TRACE procedure when converting SIGNED16 to SET16

23 January 2020

12:43 A2 Bug #97 (New): could not import FoxArrayBase if module has a namespace

21 January 2020

10:10 A2 Bug #96 (New): RESULT designator not assignable oor basic types in the oberon code

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