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18 June 2021

20:32 A2 General Discussion: RE: The Fox compiler.
Thank Felix. Will keep it in mind, ... P.

15 June 2021

15:49 A2 General Discussion: The Fox compiler.
The Fox compiler in A2 is a cross compiler. Correct?
Therefore I wonder whether it can produce an executable for t...

06 May 2021

16:00 A2 General Discussion: RE: Generating ISO from last revision and some questions...
Hello Napard,
> Is this the official A2 repository?
I have no authority but am fairly sure this is the officia...
15:20 A2 Bug #109: Console access to the host
Update: Tools > Secure Shell connects to localhost and to a remote host.
Thanks Guenter, ... P.

04 May 2021

18:47 A2 Bug #109 (New): Console access to the host
In ETH Oberon or in the Oberon subsystem of A2, console access to the host works as described in

20 December 2020

22:54 A2 Bug #105 (New): Problem with RealConversions.StringToReal?
The following trap occurs when LinuxA2 is started on a Sharp Mebius PC-CB1-M1.
No problem with LinuxA2 on ei...

12 August 2020

17:28 A2 Bug #94: Black screen.
After Configuration.XML is updated properly and local revisions are compiled, LinuxA2 32-bit rev.9799 is working in D...

29 July 2020

16:47 A2 Bug #98: LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9527 on the XO-1.5 with OLPC 13.2.8.
Rev.9799 works in Debian 10. The OLPC XO system gives the
same complaints as for the previous rev.9527 reported ab...

09 May 2020

18:53 A2 Bug #94: Black screen.
LinuxAos 9527 works in Debian 10 with X11 on a 32 bit PC.
In the same system, LinuxAos 9799 gives a black screen...

07 March 2020

16:43 A2 Bug #93: In Oberon.Mail.Mod three bugs and one feature. The first bug has multiple sub-bugs.
Committed my revised Oberon.Mail.Mod a few minutes ago. The significant revisions are described in the wikibook talk ...

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