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11 November 2019

12:52 A2 Feature #68: propose to make EPS32 and EPS 64 exported items of Reals.Mod
Could you please elaborate on what exactly should be exported?
12:38 A2 Support #75 (Feedback): { UNCHECKED } modifier
The @UNCHECKED@ modifier only disables runtime checks that actually require additional code generation. This includes...
12:24 A2 Support #69: MathT.Mod
We are currently considering to support _specialisations_ of template modules. The basic idea is have a generic modul...

07 November 2019

11:40 A2 Support #73 (Closed): execution time array type checks
Your example does not compile. But yes, this behaviour is correct: You are probably assuming that @RESULT@ references...

06 November 2019

19:28 A2 Revision 9733 (a2): Restored log history destroyed in revisions 9729-9732
Please rename files using svn move, otherwise its history and changes are lost

31 October 2019

17:18 A2 Bug #63: Minos object file generation problem
The problem was introduced in r9044.
13:32 A2 Bug #61 (Closed): component inspector reports "unknown" properties
Fixed in revision r9706, thanks for reporting.
13:30 A2 Revision 9706 (a2): Added missing size property view

30 October 2019

10:57 A2 Bug #56 (Closed): templated module fails compilation

29 October 2019

21:23 A2 Bug #36 (Closed): System crashes on running command from module that uses templates
We increased the maximal length of module identifiers which currently grow with each additional template parameter, s...

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